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ULTIMA BAUFLOOR®- polished concrete is an overlay system with a thickness between 8-15 mm.
It can be installed on a concrete slab, screed, self-leveling, or tiled floor, making it better suited for many projects.

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BAUTECH ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® is a cement-based material used as an overlay on the existing concrete substrate to achieve a modern design, revolutionizing the polished concrete flooring industry. The installation process is done by using the newest hi-tech resin/ diamond polishing systems ( HTC Fenix ) by qualified installers to meet customer expectations. With a large selection of colours and it's original, intense look Bautech Ultima Baufloor is widely popular among many designers and architects as well as innovative artists. Choosing ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® is definitely a right move as it is not only hard-wearing but also reliable and can blend into any living or working area without being too dominant while complementing the decor. With ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® system you can create endless variations of colours and patterns for your floor. Unique design effects can be worked into creating exceptional floor surfaces. You can create your own world by using this fascinating technique as you can place different surfaces and colour patterns next to each other which will give you amazing effects!

Due to its remarkable technique, ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® gives you the option to have a mirror-like finish. You can decide on how glossy or raw you want your floor to be. We can control this by using different levels of polishing. By using ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® the design possibilities are endless. You can create a concrete feel and industrial appearance in commercial areas, but thanks to it's original and individual features it can be
incorporated into your interior home design, creating exceptional outcomes. Even floors with a thickness of 8 -15 mm can have an amazing finish. BAUTECH ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® delivers you the effect of a high quality polished concrete floor. These polished concrete floors are suitable for water underfloor heating. To protect and strengthen the finish of ULTIMA BAUFLOOR®, the system includes the use of NANOSEAL® Lithium-polymer, caring - strengthening and sealing preparation for concrete surfaces and NANOCOAT® Silicate - lithium polishing agent for concrete surfaces. It will give the surface a sheen that increases colour intensity, abrasion, strength, and water resistance.

With BAUTECH ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® we aim to not only meet but to exceed the expectations of all of our customers, whilst at the same time providing you with advice and solutions that can create a great atmosphere for your home or business. BAUTECH ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® is a technology of top-quality, integrating specially selected hard aggregate with high-quality cement. Due to this, the floor becomes harder with stronger abrasion and stain-resistant, compared to regular polished concrete. It is an ideal solution within an environment where there is a lot of traffic like homes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, offices, etc. The opportunities are endless. Polished concrete ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® was created as a further development of the BAUFLOOR® Floor. It's a solid and extremely durable structure for floors bearing large loads, especially in public
industrial areas. Thanks to its extraordinarily high wear-resistance, polished concrete ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® is the optimum solution.
Developed from a base of water and cement, ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® displays a far higher level of inherent strength than other comparable floor coverings. Using this technique we can create an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality appearance that is preserved over the long term for a permanently impressive design. At the same time, ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® can create unique characteristics in your workspace as well as making your home interior absolutely one of the kind!

As a professional decorative concrete flooring company, Bautech Flooring UK Ltd. understands that all customer requests are different and are determined by the specific needs as well as the type of business that is run. We understand the importance of choosing the right flooring for a commercial or residential area that is very often heavily trafficked. Our dedicated professional team is here to help you and offer you advice to minimize future problems as well as reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with a professional service. Call us today if you have a query or if you would like to book a site visit by one of our qualified professionals.
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