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ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® can only be purchased and installed by Bautech certified contractors. We will also accept orders from customers that have measures in place for a certified contractor to provide the installation of our materials for them, the details of the contractor will need to provided. 

ULTIMA BAUFLOOR - Polished concrete floor

Find a certified contractor.

The ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® is a decorative concrete floor that requires a specially trained team with experience in installing the BAUFLOOR system. That is why we encourage you to choose one of our certified contractors in the ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® system to install your floor.
Simply put, we will certainly find a specialist in your region who has been trained by our company in the installation of the ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® system and will do the job right.
Contact us by email and use our advice to find a certified contractor in your area.
Remember that you will sign a contract directly with who you will choose to install the ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® for you. 



One of the services offered by Bautech Flooring UK is the supervision over the actual installation process of the ULTIMA BAUFLOOR® system
Thanks to our supervision service, we provide consultancy in the performance of a specific task regarding the installation, grinding and polishing and the proper use of our material. Our involvement is not to install the floor, but to offer the right advice and assistance to contribute to the successful process and the final result.
Bautech Flooring UK LTD and our consultants do not take responsibility for the direct impact on the performance and quality of the floor, the direct responsibility lays with the contractor contracted to perform the work.
The scope of the supervision service is determined individually

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