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  • Can ULTIMA BAUFLOOR be laid as a seamless finish ?
    ULTIMA BAUFLOOR can have a seamless finish in smaller areas, in larger spaces expansion joints need to be installed, normally in same place as the day joints in the existing concrete or screed.
  • Can a polished concrete floor be laid over underfloor heating?
    Yes, our ULTIMA BAUFLOOR can installed over water underfloor heating - only..
  • What is the depth of the finished ULTIMA BAUFLOOR layer ?
    Our polished concrete finishes are between 8mm - 15mm deep.
  • Is ULTIMA BAUFLOOR suitable for a restaurant?
    Yes, it is a brilliant solution for all spaces e.g. offices, restaurants, homes, bars, hotels etc.
  • Can ULTIMA BAUFLOOR be laid on stairs?
    Yes, we can lay this product on certain types of stairs.
  • Can ULTIMA BAUFLOOR be used in wet room?
    Yes, there is ULTIMA BAUFLOOR product suitable for wet rooms.
  • Is there ULTIMA BAUFLOOR product suitable for interior walls?
    Yes, we can use our product on walls - interior only, with the use of tamplates.
  • Is ULTIMA BAUFLOOR available in other colors?
    Yes, our ULTIMA BAUFLOOR is available in 9 of basic colours with a possibility of adding additional colours on special requirements.
  • How durable is ULTIMA BAUFLOOR?
    ULTIMA BAUFLOOR is highly durable and can be used in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Is your ULTIMA BAUFLOOR a polished screed or slub?
    ULTIMA BAUFLOOR it a cementitous layer applied on top of your existing sub-floor ( concrete, self leveling or tiles ) which is then power floated, polished and sealed
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